Brief Summary

Agile Project Management (AgilePM) is a framework developed by the Agile Business Consortium. As you would expect, coming from a group like that, it combines principles from Agile and project management to run projects in an agile manner.

One of my issues with agile methodologies is that there’s no mention at all of the project management work we PMs know needs to be done. Where, for example, in Scrum is there anything about budgets? If I had to guess, I’d bet that the team expects to be paid for their work. Where do the funds come from? Scrum teams do not operate in a vacuum. Unfortunately, the absence of these and many other PM tasks (status, risk, procurement, etc., etc.) is sometimes interpreted as “all that PM admin stuff isn’t needed anymore.” We’ve seen interpretations like this before: Scrum favoring working code over pristine documentation does not mean that we don’t write any documentation.

AgilePM doesn’t specifically focused on scaling. It does offer guidance for managing agile projects within larger organizational structures, but it works perfectly fine for standalone teams.

More as I build out the site ….