Competitive Advantage Through Experience, Collaboration and Innovation

The new idea "lightbulb"

Consulting IT Project Manager and Scrum Master

Stop wasting time.

  • If you need a project done on time and on budget, and all you have time for is a short meeting to hand it off.
  • If you need a consulting IT project manager or scrum master who can take a project and get it done.
  • If you don’t have time for project managers coming to you with problems instead of solving them.
  • If you need a leader and not just a “note taker.”
  • If you need a communicator and collaborator.
  • If you’re looking for a PM/SM to take the initiative.

Relax. You’ve come to the right place.

My Background

  • 15+ years of project manager and scrum master experience.
  • PMP, CSM and SSM certifications. SAFe RTE certification in-process.
  • 20+ years of independent consulting experience.
  • Software development PM/SM experience (Dev, database, BA, infrastructure, QA, etc.) at all clients since 2007.
  • Projects range from smaller projects (3-4 staff) to large, multi-vendor/multi-million dollar projects (10+ staff).
  • Earlier engineering work at NASA/JSC introduced innovations estimated to save well over 200 million dollars.
Innovation is key
Industry Experience

Industry Experience

  • Finance/Accounting
  • Biotech
  • Health Care/Insurance
  • Higher Education
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Retail and Marketing
  • Information Technology (infrastructure, security, software, etc.)


IT innovation is moving at lightspeed. Here’s what I’m currently digging into:

  • Machine learning, neural networks, Tensorflow, pandas, one-hot encoders, etc. All in python, BTW.
  • MongoDB
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Mobile development (Android) prototyping, Koltin, etc.
  • DevOps, Azure DevOps, etc.. Such a better process!
  • Scaled Agile Framework. I have my SSM certification but that’s just the start.
  • Google Analytics.

Training never stops
Harvard Business Review Case Studies Meetup

Never Forget It’s Business

You’re invited to join the meetup I started.

Harvard Business Review Articles, Case Studies Discussion

Boston, MA
114 Members

This group is for those who would like to explore the many issues in today’s challenging business environment by studying and discussing business case studies. As the group na…

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Status and Resume

I am currently digging around for that next contract. Grab a resume from the links below. The document will be displayed in a new browser window.